Pottery Classes in Brighton Area

CIRCLE STUDIO – an inspiring , peaceful space in which to discover and explore your creativity using clay.

Circle Studio is a well-equipped ceramics workshop/gallery space providing pottery classes in Brighton and Hove.  It is run by Barbara Collins who makes her work there and who also uses it as a teaching space for the regular pottery classes and workshops she holds.

It is a beautiful quiet space – a retreat from the stresses of everyday life.
Classes are small and intimate with usually three or four people so that to everyone can get as much help as they need, and there is the opportunity to chat and make new friendships.

Clay is a very relaxing and theraputic medium to work in . One can get lost in the process and completely forget any worries for a while.

Whatever your level of experience you will get the help and guidance you need both with the designing/ideas side and the processes of building and glazing.

Pottery classes can be booked either singly or in blocks of six sessions. These can be renewed for as long as is wished.

If you are looking for pottery classes in Brighton and Hove please please contact Barbara on 07963 691369